Festival Salsa Mulhouse

The teachers:

Nuno Furtado & Vanda Gameiro

They are originally from Portugal, the country that they have been representing at the international salsa congresses and festivals. They are professional salsa dancers and teachers but they have dance training in several other styles, like Contemporary, Jazz, Funk, Classical Dance, Tango, etc.

Their work on Salsa is based on styling, dynamic and musical interpretation. They have been representing Portugal all over the world. In Portugal they have their own school called Jazzy Dance Studios.



Anne & Anichi

They both grew up in South America (Colombia/ Ecuador) and started at a very early age learning the art of Dance. Anne & Anichi's dedication has resulted in exhilarating success on the world Salsa stage, being the European Salsa Champions (2007) and the World Salsa Champion Finalists (2007 and 2009). They have also performed and given workshops at a variety of international Salsa events. Their fun and energetic style of teaching has been experienced and well received by thousands of students worldwide.



Ange & Flo

Original dancing style with amazing fast and sensual combination, Ange and Flo are salsa teachers and choreographs. They started to teach at Paris Salsa Academy and to Barrio Latino before moving to Besancon. Their shows gave us the opportunity to dance on famous salsa congress stages. They teach lot of different dance styles (LA, Cuban, Salsatango, chacha, bachata, bachatango, kuduro) in France.




Melissa Fernandez

Melissa Fernandez began taking dance lessons ever since she could remember. She began taking Salsa Lessons in 1999 and was so inspired by the drive and energy of Salsa that she began studying intensely its attractive LA Salsa style on1 with famous artist Luis Vazquez.


Undoubtedly, Melissa’s style, sensuality and passion on the dance floor has led her to become one of the most recognized Female Salsa Dancers Worldwide. Her positivity and vibrant energy is reflected both on and off the dance floor. She has placed as a finalist in numerous Salsa Competitions and has won many like NEWPORT’s RHYTHM and DANCE Competition for 15,000 US dollars. Voted Best Female Salsa Dancer by SoloSabor and once again in 2005 by Salsa Que Te Pasa, she is a Salsa instructor, choreographer, & performer.


Melissa has performed and taught in over 28 countries and limitless cities throughout the world. Melissa Fernandez is known for her feminine style of dance, fast spins & sexy body movement. Melissa’s passion for Salsa is definitely felt and noticed on the dance floor. She is now in demand and is known for her easy to learn and fun workshops.


Mels Dancing Divas is an international all women’s dance team that was formed in April 2012 by World Renown Salsera Melissa Fernandez. The team consists of dancers from Italy, Ukraine, France, Bulgaria, the USA and Germany who had to audition in front of a professional jury to be a member of the team. They are a group of hot, sexy, talented salseras who love to social dance and perform.

With this project Melissa Fernandez wanted to combine two of her passions: choreography and performance.


Fatih dit El Astico

His name is linked to his amazing stretch style and his ability to untangle nodes done with his arms and body. For 10 years now, he practices LA and Cuban Salsa, hip hop, bachata, rock, lindy hop and even walz…He teaches now for SALSA LOCA, a famous salsa school in Strasbourg.



Alfredo Garcia Gonzalez

Born in CUBA, Alfredo began taking lesson at EVA and ENA (National School of Arts) of Cuba from 1995 to 1998.


After several artistic projects as solo dancer in Swiss and Germany, he started his professional experience in the Ballet Jazz Theater from Montreal in Canada.

His dance specific styling combines Modern Jazz and Afocuban styles.

Currently living in Saarbrucken in Germany, this great artist will introduce to our festival, several solo cuban styles as Elegua, Rumba or Afrocuban. You will love his generous and charismatic style.


Factoria de Baile: Gabryel & Bego

Gabryel Berlanga born in Seville, Spain. He was always interested in music and interpretation. From Childhood he was noted as a dancer and showman. He was introduced in the Latin dance, Bachata was a main obsession. After many years of study and perfection has a personal style, which comes from the merger of several existing styles plus a touch of personality. Since 2005 is one of the most important promoters of Bachata in Spain and the maximum representative of our strong national borders. Champion of Spain of Bachata 2008, 2009. Known in over 100 cities around the world, from America, Europe and Asia.


Gabryel has taught over 10,000 students for events, schools and conferences. Since 2006 presents classes and shows regularly for cities like Washington DC, Miami, Virginia, Philadelphia, Orlando, United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium, France, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Malaysia, Shanghai, Russia and much of Spain. His reputation precedes him as one of the best instructors Bachata, energy for creativity and originality in their workshops and shows.


Begoña Collado, born in Seville, Spain. A teacher and a dancer sexy fun. His training as a dancer and instructor began in 2004 from which it continues to improve and evolve as a professional.

When he met Gabryel founded Dance Factory, academy who run them. Passionate about teaching devotes his time to train students with Gabryel. Influenced by the style of Gabryel make a couple of them blended in body and soul. Gabryel won with Bachata national championship in 2008. His sense of humor and energy make this a close student dancer.


Hakim et Magali

Quand Hakim, le roi de la Zumba à Mulhouse, accueille Magali, la reine de la Zumba à Montbéliard, cela nous donne une ambiance royale avec des chorés pétillantes et splendides. Venez-vous amuser pendant 1h30 lors d’un Masterclass, avec nos 2 excellents profs de ZUMBA.

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